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We are looking for a Postdoctoral researcher for the ONCOLOGICS project.:

● You will analyze various types of molecular data from colon cancer patients that have received medical therapies at Institut Curie and Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center, and contribute to innovative new integrative analysis methods that can provide detailed characterization of a patient’s tumour material.
● You will design and develop computational models for therapy treatment simulations, based on DrugLogics software and other software solution from the consortium partners.
● You will analyze discrepancies between computational model predictions and clinical observations from patients for which there is already treatment outcome data available.
● You will contribute to the development of computational models, the analysis of model performance and iterative model refinement, and you will develop new metrics to evaluate model compliance with patient-derived tumour sample behaviour and drug response.

If you feel that you could qualify, then please contact us.

In addition we are open for national and international master student projects!